Are you out at the Portland Farmers’ Market today?


Pop into Soakology and give us a visit! Cool down with a sample of our blended Tea of the Day: Iced Lemon Myrtle/Pitta. We serve a different sample tea as a welcome to visitors to our store every day. Did you know we have over 70 different teas that can be enjoyed in the spa, tea-house, to-go, or purchased loose-leaf by the ounce and enjoyed at home?


LP’s Tea Pick of the Week: Pitta herbal tea with Jasmine Pearls!


We have been brewing up this concoction all week and serving samples in the tea-house!
Jasmine Pearls is a Chinese green tea infused with heat and jasmine blossoms, then hand rolled into small pearls. Pitta is an Ayurvedic herbal tea, made with rose petals, hibiscus, chamomile, and peppermint. It is a soothing, calming tea and has a sweet, floral flavor. These two teas blended together have a wonderfully fragrant aroma and a delicious flavor with a variety of floral notes.

Ever have trouble getting to sleep?

cham lav

Why not try a cup of chamomile lavender tea?  Both chamomile and lavender have been widely used to promote sleep and relaxation.  As a combined infusion, these herbs have a calming effect that may help the restless night-owl wind down. As with other herbal teas, it is caffeine free.  Its sweet floral taste is appealing to both children and adults.