Relief for Super Chapped Lips

lips3 (1)


Summer sun or cool weather winds can leave lips feeling tender and chapped. Before you reach for the chap-stick, try this all-natural remedy that will condition & heal hurting lips, leaving the skin soft and healthy. The tannin in Green Tea

soothes burned skin while anti-oxidants & poly-phenols combat inflammation and heal irritated lips. Applying tea to chapped lips can actually be more effective than traditional chap-sticks, as chap-sticks often contain harmful or irritating

ingredients like petro-chemicals and substances that can act as allergens. Dampen a soft cloth in a strong brew of green tea (1-2 TBS of loose leaf tea per 6 oz of hot water), allow cloth to cool to a luke-warm or cool temperature before

applying to lips. Hold cloth to lips for 5-10 minutes.  If no loose-leaf tea is available, tea bags may be used instead.

For more information on green teas/ to purchase:;jsessionid=2111C6E930A18280614CB208CE716C02.m1plqscsfapp06?categoryId=19


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