LP’s Tea Picks of the Week!

Spicy Cranberry w/ Black Mango
Spicy Cranberry w/ Black Mango

This week LP has chosen a splendid blend of herbal spicy cranberry and a black tea infused with mango.  This blend you are sure to FALL in love with!  It has a sweet and soothing taste with a kick of cinnamon.  Also, we are introducing for the first time APPLE PIE CHAI!  A steamed blend of traditional chai, apple cider, and caramel topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a whole lot of love.  Enjoy these in our teahouse, in our spa with a nice relaxing soak and massage, or to go for a crisp walk about town.

Tea of the Day

cape town

Cape Town Rooibos is personally one of my favorite teas.  It is a blend of rooibos (which is naturally sweet and aromatic), rose petals and chamomile flower.  Not only is this tea blend gorgeous and delicious, it is good for you too!  The rooibos is great for digestion, tension, and packed with good vitamins and iron.  You can also make a delightful Cape Town Fog by adding steamed milk and vanilla!

Every day we have new teas to try and love.  Come in and try Cape Town Rooibos today!