Pitta Lavender Herbal Tea


Our Tea of the Day today is iced Pitta/Lavender herbal tea with just a little bit of honey! Ayurvedic Pitta tea is blended to cool and calm a fiery disposition. It contains a mix of rose petals, mint, hibiscus, and chamomile. Soothing organic Lavender tea enhances Pitta Tea’s relaxing qualities.

For more information or to purchase loose leaf tea: http://shop.soakology.com/category.sc?categoryId=34


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Just A Few Reasons We Love Foot Massage


Foot Massage helps to increase circulation and relieves tired, sore muscles. It’s great for runners, people who spend the work-day on their feet, or anyone who is looking for a healthy, stress-relieving experience. At Soakology, massage can be paired with a foot-soak and a steaming cup of tea to make it the ultimate relaxing experience.