Sri Lankan Teas


Did you know that Sri Lanka once shared a name with the tea that it is now famous for? The tiny island nation was called Ceylon until the end of British Colonialism in 1948. Sri Lanka is no larger than the state of Indiana, yet it boasts the fourth highest volume of tea production in the world. Sri Lanka’s tea quality can be attributed to a climate favorable to tea production: humidity, cool temperatures, and rainfall.


We have recently begun to carry some wonderful new Sri Lankan teas that we are so excited to be able to offer. Check out the list below for details on some of our newest teas!

Sri Lankan Vintage- A smokey amber brew with a hint of sweet-potato, this new tea blend consists of 3 separate teas. It is sure to appeal to the tea-adventurer in search of novel tea experiences.

Govenor’s Sri Lankan- This award-winning Ceylon tea is produced in limited quantities by a single family-owned estate in Sri Lanka. Two whole leaves and one bud from the plant’s tips are harvested, then hand-rolled into a ring to make this tea.


Sri Lankan Golden Tips– This top-shelf tea uses only hand-picked, very young, tender tips of select tea bushes. The leaf has a light, golden color that is velvety with fine white down. This prized tea has a smooth, sweet taste that tea novices and connoisseurs alike will love.

sri tea plantation

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Bottoms Up!!


Black Tea is the most popular class of tea outside of asia, making it the second most popular tea in the world. Black tea leaves are allowed to completely oxidize, which creates it’s characteristic bold taste. Black tea is often enjoyed with milk, lemon, or sweetener.

Black Tea is known to help boost the immune system and is a good alternative to a cup of coffee, containing half the amount of caffeine. All tea, including black, contains antioxidants, helps prevent tooth decay and is thought to aid in fat burning and the lowering of cholesterol.

We carry a range of traditional and modern black teas sourced from China, India, and Sri Lanka. For more information, or to purchase teas:;jsessionid=8AA80CC085A03AAA9E18E3F82C6AB3C4.m1plqscsfapp02?categoryId=24