The Spirit of SOAKtober

spirit of soaktober

October’s special is here!!  Have a wicked relaxing time with The Spirit of Soaktober!  A warming, fragrant, and detoxifying experience for the return of Fall.

Soak in our blend of ultra detoxifying activated charcoal sea salt with a shot of cinnamon and kick up your feet for a massage with our warm and fragrant cinnamon essential oil blend.  Snack on our Wicked Russian Tea Cakes and sip on our Fall favorite, Apple Pie Chai a blend of apple cider and traditional chai with a splash of milk.

Call and make your reservations today!  October is filling up fast!


Salts from the Dead Sea


The foot-soaks that we make here at Soakology are not just an extraordinary treat for the senses and the feet! Many of the ingredients we use in each soak recipe have been said to offer range of therapeutic values.  For example, several of our foot-soaks include salts from the Dead Sea. Jordan’s Dead Sea is known for its unusually high salt content. Salts from the Dead Sea are especially high in minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium.  These salts have been known to stimulate blood flow in the body, reduce inflammation, improve certain skin ailments and allergies, and have even been said to reduce severity of wrinkling in the skin.