Matcha-do About Tea

Matcha is a Japanese ceremonial powdered green tea.  Matcha has special significance in Japan and is traditionally sipped from a traditional bowl and prepared in a Tea Ceremony called Chanoyu.  This  tea has a unique, creamy, sweet and rich oceanic taste.  Matcha is also one of the only types of teas where you ingest the leaf, thus providing larger health benefits than most other teas, like additional vitamin C and protein. Scroll below to find out how to prepare.

The bright-green matcha powder in the bowl before water is added.
The powder is vigorously whisked together with hot water until the surface is light-green and frothy.
A perfect bowl of matcha!
The lovely LP enjoying her tea.
There are many ways to enjoy matcha. Here, LP has added soy milk and natural vanilla flavoring to make a iced matcha latte!