Head Over Heels


February’s promotion is here!!  You will definitely go Head Over Heels for this decadent Chocolate and Mint themed package! We all know how great it tastes, but did you know that chocolate is good for the skin too? Our Chocolate and mint foot-soak and massage is moisturizing and uplifting. Chocolate has also been known to increase circulation and firm skin.

Come in alone or as part of a couple or group- this promotion will be available through the month of February. Snack on spicy Mexican chocolate cookies and sip our foam-topped mint hot chocolate..with just the right amount of spicy kick!

Call and make your reservations today!  February is filling up fast!


Reflexology and Massage..What’s the difference???

Reflexology on the hands

Both reflexology and traditional massage are natural healing arts that are deeply relaxing, help to relieve stress, and promote circulation. In traditional massage various techniques are used to manipulate the muscles and connective tissue. Reflexology does not necessarily focus on the muscles.  Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes on the body which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Many therapists work on the hands and feet because they contain the highest concentration of points and are easy to access. There are several methods that can be used to work the reflex points, to help to restore balance to the related areas and systems of the body.

Reflexology is an ancient art. The earliest known references to reflexology in history date back to inscriptions found in the tombs in Egypt.

Wall painting from the “physician’s tomb” at Saqqara in Egypt dated to 2,330 BC

At Soakology, our licensed massage therapists perform traditional foot/lower leg massage in 20 and 40 minute massages.  Reflexology can be done in 40 or 60 minute sessions.  Both of these services can be paired with any of the Foot Soaks that we offer for the ultimate relaxing experience!

The Spirit of SOAKtober

spirit of soaktober

October’s special is here!!  Have a wicked relaxing time with The Spirit of Soaktober!  A warming, fragrant, and detoxifying experience for the return of Fall.

Soak in our blend of ultra detoxifying activated charcoal sea salt with a shot of cinnamon and kick up your feet for a massage with our warm and fragrant cinnamon essential oil blend.  Snack on our Wicked Russian Tea Cakes and sip on our Fall favorite, Apple Pie Chai a blend of apple cider and traditional chai with a splash of milk.

Call and make your reservations today!  October is filling up fast!


LP’s Tea Pick of the Week- Yerba Mate, the South American Anti-oxidant Powerhouse


The flavor of traditional yerba mate [yer-bah mah-tay] has been described as “vegetal” and grassy. In comparison, roasted yerba mate has a more mild and nutty, toasted, full bodied flavor that is comparable to coffee, with chocolate- like notes.


Did you know that Yerba Mate contains tons of vitamins, minerals, and even more antioxidants than Green Tea?  Some of the nutrients in a serving of Yerba Mate tea are: Potassium, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, and Flavinoids. Anti-oxidants are essential for the body to stay healthy and have been shown to inhibit cell deterioration which may slow the signs of aging. The main antioxidant found in Yerba Mate is chlorogenic acid, which has been shown by some studies to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Celebrate Fall with our Apple Pie Chai!!


Our Traditional Chai Steamer gets an autumn-inspired makeover in our latest new recipe!  Spicy chai is steamed together with apple cider and milk (whole milk, almond milk, or soy milk), sweetened just a bit with honey and caramel, and sprinkled with cinnamon to make the perfect hot tea for crisp autumn weather!

You can order our Apple Pie Chai from our specials menu to-go, in our teahouse, or in the Foot Sanctuary.  This tea is also the beverage in our new monthly special, “The Spirit of Soaktober!” More details on the package coming soon!

Rescue chapped hands!


Our hands are often abused by the harsh soaps and sanitizers we use, leaving the skin stripped of moisture.  The solution? Hydrate and soften your hands with Savannah Bee Company’s Tupelo Honey Hand Soap! Did you know that honey has natural antiseptic properties?  Other ingredients, such as aloe vera repair the skin while cleansing, reduce redness, and soothe the skin as they hydrate. Its mildly sweet honey fragrance makes for a delicious lather!

To further hydrate and protect the skin, be sure to follow with Savannah Bee Company’s Beeswax Hand Cream. Propolis and Royal Jelly replenish and repair skin.  This peach scented lotion is creamy and packed with anti-oxidants which help to restore the skin.

These products and many others are available to try out and purchase in our shop. Come by Soakology today and check them out!